Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Many times we get used to the known things and lose their meanings.  Here you will find new meaning to old wine. OOPS! I mean the nursery rhyme ! Still it rhymes with wine! A funny version of the old thin!


Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are?

No you’re neither little nor wonder

You’re full of gas

Or gases and glitter

And no more wonder

When you’ll pass around

Everyone will pinch their noses

Scientists say you are made mainly of hydrogen

With a sprinkle of Helium, Neon and Carbon

Making a fusion of radiation that twinkles

And gravitation in the centre compression

Making you a spherical like a marble

It is in your survival to stay small

Because the heavenly law says

If you become bigger then you die

By a great cosmic explosion

Like the Super Nova!

So twinkle, Twinkle if you may

But stay small!

CoolTan Poets Perform at the Globe

The CoolTan Poets perform

at the

Shakespeare’s Globe

On 8th December 2016

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre annually has an event called Winter Concert. Last few years this event has become very popular.

The participants in this Event are by Invitation only. A number of schools in London Town and a few selected private music promotional groups participate in this event.

Each organisation presents a short musical programme. The total concert is about one hour in the first week of December.

.Two years ago the CoolTan Arts was invited to present a poetry Reading on the Theme of London. And the CoolTan presented a poetry Collage on War time London called “Southwark Calling”. It was short and smart and was very well presented by the “CoolTan Poetry Group called “Poetree”.

In the year 2016 the theme was “winter”. So far the poets had done their writing work and got used to the production. An expert from the Globe Theatre visited the group and helped the poets to plot down the words and how to say them at the Globe Theatre.

An expert art handicraft tutor called Amber helped them to produce artwork to take with them when they visited the Shakespeare’s Globe.

Their regular Tutor Kai oversaw that the work was well rehearsed.

The date of the “Winter Concert” was on November 8th at 02.00 P.M. at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, on the South Bank.


Some images of the performance of the “Poetree” Group called “A Tale for the Winter”


From Left to Right

Charlie Browne, Sasha Dee Gary Stevens and Brian Ring


Photography by Cesare Di Giglio.

Coming next month the Poems from “A Tale for the Winter”



Happy New Year 2017

Despite the difficulties we faced in the years 2015 and 2016 we are now back in the saddle.

We look forward to the year 2017 when our cultural wing “” will as usual present poetry written by our usual poets, reviews, stories etc.

Our readers can also send their own written materials as well and we shall try to find the place in our monthly programme.

We are not a commercial but a charitable institute so we have very strict rules about the materials sent by our readers. We do not give publicity to private or commercial enterprises. If such materials are sent to us we delete them and also do not send any acknowledgement about them as we are very busy people.

However you can send your comments through comments columns.

I shall come back with interesting material and information about mental health issues etc.

So watch this space every month in the first fortnight.


OutsideIn at Bethlem Gallery, Stratford East

Last so many years “Outside In” an art organisation that has come to be known as the unique organisation that looks for those art and artists who have missed the main stream of the venues make venues for such artists.

Their latest venture is that they have now created Outside the main stream artists an exhibition at the famous Bethlem Gallery.

Their exhibition at this gallery will be from 25 January – 24 March 2016.

Art lovers should not miss this exhbition as it is so satisfying to see something different.

The Title of the Exhibition is

“Let in the Light”

The exhibition title is a reference to

Groucho Marx’ line: ‘Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.’


Artist and Daily Life Ltd’s Artistic Director Bobby Baker says: “I was judged and underestimated when I had mental health problems, but when people see my autobiographical drawings it helps change the way they think about mental health.

Merry Christmmas

The Teams of  the and the Cooltan Arts wish all our readers and participants

Merry Christmas


a Very Happy New Year 2016