Monthly Archives: October 2009

Personalisation Conference, First among many

CoolTan Arts Voices By Phil Ruthen One of the first conferences this autumn concerning the current priority action of government for mental health and social care services – Personalisation – was held Friday, 25th September, at CoolTan Arts. Whilst a number of conferences or seminars are planned by other organisations, CoolTan’s could be said to […]

A Taste of Cooltan Arts

New Eaxhibition At Ladywell Unit Café, Lewisham Hospital Review by Jean Cozens This small exhibition of work by Cooltan participants opened on September 24th and will run until early next year.

The Truth Behind the Stigma of Mental Illness

An Article that Throws Light on Popularly belived prejudices and taboos about Mental Illness By John Storey

Mexica Exhibition At the British Museum

By Sasha Dee On Sunday the 20th September 2009 many members went to see the Aztec Mexica exhibition. Mark the word Mexica.  British Museum does not want to call it any more Aztec as according to their scholarly study that the word Aztec was a misnomer and it stuck in the English language for at […]