Monthly Archives: January 2010

Maggi and Michelle at Morley College Gallery

Icon Artists Display Their Artistry by Sasha Dee Two of the great icon artists-tutors or tutor-artists in South London are now displaying their dazzling artistry at the Morley college gallery from 14th January – 3rd February 2010. This fabulous artwork already has been in many forms and sizes and in many media e.g. in water […]

January Poets

Following Poets Submitted their Poems for the Poets of January 2010: Charles Browne, Brian Ring, Sasha Dee Tim Jerram William Ball Peter Cox Charles Browne The Great White Hope Obama are you for real or is it just more and more spiel,


Calling all sufferers of psychiatric problems neuroses By John Story Would you like to handle these problems without resorting to the medications, drugs (e.g. Hash Ecstasy), velum, E.C.T., insulin, lobotomy, leucotomy, cigarettes, alcohol, the risk being “binned” (put in a mental institution), and even religion? (All of which have side effects as well.) Following tips […]

Self-advocacy skills training – new for 2010

        Self-advocacy skills training – new for 2010:   CoolTan Arts gained a Comic Relief grant to enable up to 80 participants gain or enhance self-advocacy skills, the courses being repeated over the next 20 months. We’re still on track to get this new course up and running later in January 2010.  (There may […]