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Alternative Fashion Week 19-23 April 2010

They Walked In Beauty Like the Stars, in showers of applause Miss Lydia Honeybunch, the Brain & Beauty behind the Cooltan Arts Textile & Design Department Alternative Fashion Week At Spitalfields Traders Market London E1 19-23 April 2010 Watched by Sasha Dee Photes: Kathrin Kirrmann & William Ball “These boots are made for walking”


“Psycho” Its Influences and How to Address them A collegiate Study Seminar Organised by Reel Minds At BFI Number 3, on 6& 15 April 2010 11.00 am- 4.00 pm An Appraisal by Sasha Dee After initial introduction by Ivan Riches Art-Work,

The Story Of Sculpture

The Story Of Sculpture Presented by Sasha Dee A Christmas Lecture by Daniel Baharier At the Cooltan Arts Centre, South London 5.00 P.M. 18 December 2009 Daniel Baharier, an Israeli Sculptor visited London and spent a few weeks visiting the premises and looking at the various artworks produced by the participants of the famous Cooltan […]

Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

24th BFI London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Pic “N” Mix A review by Sasha Dee The British Film Institute has been running the films festivals made by and about the queer sex for last twenty-four years. During this time the attitudes towards queer sex has been changing and it seems that the intense hostile […]

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Nothings A Play At the Young Vic Viewed on 16 March 7.30-950 P.M. Reviewed By Sasha Dee “Martyrdom has always been a proof of the intensity, never of the correctness of a belief”. Dr. Arthur Schnitzler The Young Vic has an Educational valuable policy of giving some free tickets to the various Institutes in […]