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“Overload” A Film that documents the pains of mental health issues

“Overload” A Landmark Documentary Film tipped for many awards  A Drawing by William Ball The film is about how modern day living in South London affects people’s senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, thought processes, feelings, memory and sense of space.     The film uses people’s accounts of mild to severe effects of ‘Overload’, what […]

Critical Perspectives on User Involvement

A Right Book For Your Xmas Urgent message from Phil Ruthen He is the head of Advocacy and Personalization Department of Cooltan Arts   Dear Colleagues, If during the festive season The Royle Family doesn’t live up to expectations (again), or the latest bestselling thriller fails to thrill, reach for ‘Critical Perspectives on User Involvement’…. […]

September Poets

Poets of September 2011   Howard Luke William Ball Sasha Dee Charles Browne Ann Cole  Brian Ring  Peter Leonard Cox   Brian Ring GHOSTS IN THE NIGHT   There they go .. spectres in the night sky Shimmering and shining amidst the pristine stars,