Welcome to a funny farm


is a new site brought to you from Cooltan Arts . It aims to give a grassroots voice to those of us using or involved with mental health services providing each other with support, advice and sharing experiences, it will also be a creative place, where we can put drawings, paintings, photographs,creative writing, music and spoken word poetry.   Join in with us, we hope it’s going to be a fun trip – get involved by coming down to cooltan arts any Tuesday afternoon or if you can’t do that drop us an email and find out other ways you can be involved….see you soon

This site is a body of knowledge about the work, ideas thoughts and feelings of the members of the CoolTan Arts Centre.

It has many pages and categories that will help the members to express themselves. As  one will get friendly with this system, the members will know various devices and tools to carry out their tasks.

The pages that will be put on the site will be the pages that have work by the members for example poetry, stories, informative articles, videos, visula arts etc.