Alternative Fashion Week 19-23 April 2010

They Walked In Beauty

Like the Stars, in showers of applause


Miss Lydia Honeybunch, the Brain & Beauty behind the Cooltan Arts Textile & Design Department

Alternative Fashion Week

At Spitalfields Traders Market London E1

19-23 April 2010

Watched by Sasha Dee

Photes: Kathrin Kirrmann & William Ball

-01“These boots are made for walking”

From Monday 18 – Friday 23 April 2010 colour and costumes took human forms and walked the catwalk in the heart of the dazzling arcade of Spitalfields Traders Market, Crispin Place, Brushfield Street near Liverpool Station. The regale was the feast for the eyes of all those participated, the on lookers, the workers and visitors to the precinct.

Seventy-one groups presented creative ideas in costumes, dress, and make up footwear, hairstyles and carefully choreographed supported by excellent jazz-rock music.


“In dancing steps”

This fashion showed in fast and furious catwalks, seventy-one creative ideas in fabric presentations by alluring models and participant members of seventy-one institutes all over London that never before was so endowed with such wealth of talents. Milan, New York, Paris, and other pilgrim epicentres of style, design and chic eat your hearts.


“Here they go”

Ideas were explored from the cultures far and wide like Morocco, India, Scottish Tartan, Celtic Knot-work, Balinese Barong dance, Russian Tsars and Arabian Nights Flowers of Serbia, Victorian Circus, Japanese Samurai, Scandinavian sportswear Australia, Middle East and Ancient Persia, Italy, from theatrical traditions like Nutcracker’s Ballet, Kitchen Sink Drama, personalities like Audrey Hepburn


“Measure for measure”

Old and abandoned costumes, dresses, footwear etc got new life, new styles and chic. Ideas from roaring twenties, ridiculous chore like laundry day, Celestial and Macabre, Evolutionary first organisms, Beauty and Beast, Carousel, Retro and Avant-garde, Credit crunch and many, many ideas in fact nothing was outrange or outlandish, bizarre-all exhibited royally and accepted as normal.

Cooltan Arts presented their show organised by Lydia Honeybunch with their collection of Twisted Tartan – Scottish Weave like you’ve never seen before. The pretty models parade lead by Michelle Baharier in dancing steps among the burst of yells of joy and thunders of clapping.

They had competition from eleven other groups who had showed rich ideas in textile designs, hairstyles, footwear and styles of wearing in choreographed walks.


“What is beauty?”

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