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Divine December

Madonna del Prato Madonna of the Meadow A painting by Giovanni Bellini Nemo               Madonna, Madonna! Why are you worshipping With your folded hands Your own child in your lap?   You don’t know at this stage Your child is divine, earthly Or a child of a devil!   […]

November Spectre

Conference with Ghosts   Howard Luke Yesterday I was insane and Connected to the Ether Holding conferences with ghosts And astral Gods Talking non-stop but without a microphone Performing a question and answer session For an unseen audience In a room in a block of flats Yesterday I was high Manically walking from home to […]

October Revolution

Climb Every Mountain   Sam Daniel Climb Ev’ry Mountain And he certainly did it Sitting on the top of the peak Breathing deeply and looking around Looking down at the ground He felt he did very well Sitting on the top Was very easy now……           But how long can he […]

September 2015 Sings Differing Tunes

All the Leaves are Brown Brian Ring I’m gathering leaves from the fields. And woods and lanes, I clear them all up into little piles, And try to make compost for the new season, Harvesting these blades for latter Most of the leaves are brown now, As we’re about due for the autumn chill. That […]

Assortment for August 2015

The Dove of Love Brian Ring There is peace in the sign of the dove, But the thing about which to talk, Is actually the aggressive hawk. So what does one choose, hawk or dove? One is for peace, t’other war; They divide the military leadership Into each of these. Those that want war are […]