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New Book In Poetic Prose Style

feint ruled lines  [Kindle Edition] Philip Ruthen (Author), Maggie Sullivan (Editor)          Product Description ‘feint ruled lines’ by Philip Ruthen collects for the first time stories and incidents previously published over a period of nearly two decades, poetry, short stories, wanderings which freeplay on themes of confinement, love, conflict, loss, rights and humanity.

January 2011

We wish all our readers a very Happy New year Our new year begins with dazzling news, stories information about multifarious activities, our popular series “poets of the month, opinions etc” on this web page. We hope you will all enjoy reading this web and hopefully send your opinions to us. Firstly our big congratulations […]


Calling all sufferers of psychiatric problems neuroses By John Story Would you like to handle these problems without resorting to the medications, drugs (e.g. Hash Ecstasy), velum, E.C.T., insulin, lobotomy, leucotomy, cigarettes, alcohol, the risk being “binned” (put in a mental institution), and even religion? (All of which have side effects as well.) Following tips […]

Cooltan Arts Centre Host “Niace” Day

At its Independent Gallery At Unit B, 237 Walworth Road , London SE17 1RL On 23 October 2009 Review by Sasha Dee “niace” is the National Institute of Adult Continuing Education The chief Executive of Cooltan Arts Centre Michelle Baharier welcomed all the visitors, organisers of the day conference and gave a brief understanding […]

Cooltan Poets at “niace” Day

Day at the Cooltan Arts Centre, on 23 October 2009, Cooltan Poets read poems written by themselves. Poets: Phil Ruthen, Charles Browne, Sasha Dee, William Ball, Michelle Bahrier, Peter Leonard Cox