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February 2014

Poetry of the Month Co-Supremes! By Steve We’re co-Supremes An’ stars of love We the chimes Of Russian-dolls! We’re co-Supremes An’ stars of love In ya hands, take ya fate, not too late for The dream of Rock ‘n’ Roll! We’re co-Supremes An’ stars of love Live for Now, Peace is how So feel it […]

Outside-In Art Event

Outside-In Art Surgery Day in London Thursday 13 February 2014 10.30 A.M.-5.00 P.M. At Networks Arts,  Lee Centre, 1 Aislibie Road, Lee, London, SE12 8QH Call 0208 852 2849  0r  07817411382 email:

January 2014

Poems for the Month of January Angel of Lite My angle of light Such grace in your face An’ I love you tonight God’s heart is our space so shine Angel shine In lingerie and lace Cos you’re mine Cos ya can’t be replace! An’ it feels so right tonight My Angel of Lite! So […]

Happy New Year 2014

We at the CoolTan Arts Wish you Happy New Year. We shall be soon producing our regular features and look forward to seeing your contributions, comments and remarks coming for the publication for  this year. See our first publication with poems and stories and articles from Next week onwards.  Please keep regularly clicking on “ […]

December Poets

Year End and Xmas Issue The Cooltan Arts and “ wish all our readers around the world a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year with this bumper issue of Poetry Extravaganza We welcome the poets from the group “together” from Newham and around.  We are publishing their poems first then the poems of the […]