The Formula

The Formula

Written by Anabel

Friday, 13 October 2006

Someone gave me a formula the other day … x=y. My first reaction was to close my eyes and ears and walk away – i’ve never liked the sound of maths very much, you see. But suddenly, i remembered that all those numbers and formulas always turn out to be useful somehow, if you know what i mean. Even the entire universe is made of them, they say. So i decided to open my self up to the rest of the story. And he went on like this:

If X = Y,   turn it round and you get Y=X.

-are you following me, he enquired.

-Yes, i said.

Now, think of Y as yourself (feelings, thoughts, state of being etc) and X is your outside environment (suroundings, people, circumstances you are dealing with)

So outside environment = how you feel

-Are you with me? (the voice of wisdom wanting reasurance)

-Think so, i grumbled.

Most people live their lives by the x=y formula and don’t realise that it also works the other way round

how you feel = what goes on around you – Right?

I see, I sighed.

(you maight like to ponder about this for a while)