Divine December

Madonna del Prato

Madonna of the Meadow

A painting by Giovanni Bellini










Madonna, Madonna!

Why are you worshipping

With your folded hands

Your own child in your lap?


You don’t know at this stage

Your child is divine, earthly

Or a child of a devil!


All children when they are born

Are divine to their mothers!

They know well a child comes from God

And if they do well in their life

They become god as well!


Mine I know for sure is a son of God

Because an angel has told me so!


Sasha Dee

193055479_e090aa5ff6_m (1)







A young girl, later on called Virgin Mary

Lately saw in her dreams unexplainables

And heard voices; then she saw him manifesting

From the thin air, the winged archangel Gabriel

Who, told her that she was going to have a

Virgin Birth, Son of God will be born to her


She was perplexed and did not know

If the message was assuring or reasonable

Or a store of stormy weather ahead!


Could she hold down her sanity,

When her life was meddled by the Divinity?


Where would she go?

To whom she could tell her plight of

What she had seen and heard?

Are the holes showing in the firm firmament?

Or is there need of the needlepoint

For the heaven’s divine but torn garment?

Is the Prince of Peace,

Is the harbinger of War as well?

Does the Tranquillity

Come with the Turmoil?


It was too much for her

Young mind to cope with

She swooned but got up

And forgot it until later years

When events took to the end

That realized her fears.




Brian Ring


I suddenly find myself in the midst of the cold, mean city.

I had no cash – I’d been conned out of it.

I have nowhere to go to, for even the half-heated crypt

Of the church I once frequented is barred against me.                                                           Try Hauptbahnhof but the railway police would move me on.

Even if the Police station is warm in its cell –

I would have had to commit a veritable felony-

Breaking window glass would not do any more.

So I keep on walking – walking through the dark, dank alleys, lanes and streets.

Perhaps if I were a girl I’d get a room with someone somehow.

But that’s a divisive sexist remark – have they really got it that good?

Anyway its ageist against me too-

The O.A.P.Hostel only opens on a Friday night.

I’ll just have to WAIT,

And now there’s this wretched snow falling after midnight in midwinter.

I don’t really need a bed for the night – a warm chair would do.

Try out-patients? Try a hotel foyer? Try a police-station reception?

No way – too boring – be moved on anyway?

After all what do you expect from Free Germany?

I don’t want to die from frost bite.

Why don’t I just wrap up?


Anyway I seem to have lost the plot

Please don’t rip up the note paper on which this ‘poem’ is written , man.

The club I could have gone to is for members only.

And they only accept cash which I don’t have anyway.

Besides who’d have an outsider like me?

And if I became one, would I really want to become one?


Heaven knows what the Heaven is

Sam Daniel


    Heaven, heaven, heaven

    After all what is the heaven?

    Heaven knows what the heaven is!

    Nobody really knows

    What’s it, what’s its location

    What’s it situation, and dominion?

Nobody has come back from it

And told us or written down about it


Heaven to different persons is different

Heaven in different culture and religion is different

It is a differing matter far different

Like the sky from the eart

But it is accordingly some  something nice and happy






From tribal world of the remote wilderness

To the civilized world of all mod and cons

Each has their different heaven of happiness


But what gets me down is the idea of heaven

That some religions awards women as heaven

For men for spreading the message of the religion

Image result for seductive filmy  women

Image result for seductive filmy  women


But I think that there should be a doppelganger culture

In which women are awarded men as heaven;

Image result for seductive celeb men

And then they refuse them on the ground that on earth

Those very men created hell out of their heaven!


La Nasscita Venere

Birth of Venus

A painting by Sandro Botticelli


iBirth of Mary







Sandro Botticelli you wicked old artist!

You know how to put spell on us

And make women very beautiful

Vivacious, seductive to the point of porno


Here Venus is born; you painted

Out of a pearl, out of the ocean

Like a mother of pearl lighted

Within and without

By her own light

Within and without


All her charm hid and reveal

Reveal the woman’s beauty

Of the humanity for the humanity

And our Raison d’être


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