Finding Nemo

Jules Verne

He was born in 1828 and died in 1905 in a French bourgeois family. His father was a successful lawyer and wanted his son to follow the legal profession. He was a bourgeoisie and lived in the walled city and became an obstacle in the progress of his children.

But right from childhood Jules mind was occupied with sea, sky and vast earth with different landscape. He went on doing researches into these areas and acquired vast knowledge. The publisher Pierre Hetzel who encouraged him to write fictions based on his researched work.

The result was Verne produced novels after novels like Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Twenty Thousands Leagues under the Sea, Around the world in Eighty Days etc, These novels became hugely popular. But critiques of the French literature put them in the category of “Children’s Fiction.

In France at that time Victor Hugo, Dumas and many writers and poets were very famous. And historically the writers should make people think and Children’s literature only entertain the children. But some people changed their mind and his novels became much talked about the subject and he was elevated to a great writer. He won most of the awards other great writes were given.
It is recent thinking that the so called Sci-Fi literature contains more than just an imagination of another planet or place where strange animals or people live. Many say through these fictions there are criticism of time presen
His one novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea” became more famous than his other novels. It is about one Mr Nemo who is a captain of the submarine ship and knows science very well. His ship travels around the world staying under water. By doing he creates a myth that his boat is invincible and is a kind of sea creature that kills human beings and their cities
In fact he suffers from many mental health issues and that cause him become suicidal. The novel was written in 1869 and in his light we see many historical characters in twentieth and twenty first century.

Sasha Dee’s poem is written to explore in poetry our fear of this phenomenon.

Finding Nemo

by Sasha Dee


“Is it a giant squid?

Is it an oversize Octopus?

Is it a gigantic Shark that

Is destroying our naval ships?”


Said the most powerful man on the earth

The American President,

“Find it and destroy it, roots, branches and tentacles

We found our vessel

A Frigate called “Abraham Lincoln”

Raised high up, tossed in the air and sunken

From the back of an enormous

Shark-shaped, turtle-shelled “thing”

Soon we knew that it was

A kind of steel-shelled craft-

A submarine, an underwater yacht

Our ship was lying in pieces

Floating on the side of the Ship-shark,

A trap door on the side of it unlocked

And we were precipitated in, in front

Of a Man called Captain Nemo

He called his strange but powerful

And invincible contraption as “Nautilus”

Actually it was like the Polyphemus Odysseus

Nemo me impune lacessit- one of the many mottos

No man” attacks me with Impunity”

Nemo indeed was “no-man”, nowhere man

“With peace on earth”, an incongruous plan

By hiding underwater in a cunning craft

At the touch of it the most iniquitous armada

Would go into spasm and ablaze all around

His ship had a glass observation deck

From which we could watch

The entire ocean around us as a fish bowl

For quaint aquanaut nutty Nemo an aquarium

With wide eyes and hearts in our mouths

We watch jaw dropping, saliva dripping

Oceanic creatures of frightening shapes

Colossal dimensions or a size of Wales

Bivalves, octopus, starfish, sharks, whales

Cutter fish, dogfish, clown fish, blow fish

Sea urchin, conch fish, hermit crabs, clams

Devil’s porpoise, luminous whelks, eels, seals

Corals and vegetations in mountainous heights

From this transparent deck

We watched helplessly

Nemo destroying navies of nations

Who, were warring with each other

Nemo had aquaculture gardens underwater

That grew aromatic food and juicy fruits

And his ship was powered

By eccentric oddball of electric energy

This power acted as a weapon in addition

When attacked by the giant sea monsters

Their electricity would clash Nautilus

Lightening and sparks would fly as if fireworks

We went on finding ancient cities

Cities we never would find like Atlantis.

We travelled 20 Thousands Leagues Under the sea

But eventually got tired, bored and homesick

But that cunning Captain refused to let us go

When in one strategic moment

We were thrown off the ship in excitement

We surfaced on the earth under the blue sky-dome,

There is nothing like a home, sweet home

I wrote down all the exciting account

Awe-inspiring spine-chilling minutes count

Adventures with brave but devilishly mean

Nemo the nowhere man with a plan

For the world peace and prosperity –

One of the many mad dictators in the history

And gave it to the famous writer Jules Verne

Who, reworked it and published it as if it was his own,

Famous writers have their excusable frailties

I’m the one who, underwent escapades

In the undersea aquarium

I’m Monsieur Aronnax,

Professouri, Musè De Paris


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