This is the Ms of the Globe poems written and read at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on 8th December 2016

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A Tale for the Winter

Participants Poets are from the CoolTan Arts.

They are:

Sasha Dee

Gary Stevens

Charlie Browne


Brian Ring

All the poetry is done in the workshops of the CoolTan Arts for three months in advance.

The title “A Tale for the “Winter” is pun on the Shakespearean play “A Winter’s Tale”

Winter wind, winter wind

Thou art one of a kind

You come once a year

And put all of us in fear

Your whirl, your twirl and curl

Your ice cold sharp flow

Freezes us and away throw us

Walking in the garden blow us


This Green and Pleasant Land

Is no longer green

We are gripped in the white nightmare of winter

It’s time of the year where your fingers are frozen and noses are red

Jack Frost is hiding in the shadow,

December, oh what have you done to us?


Feeling cold, miserable too?

Hands are shaking,

Should be joyous time?

But now going blue!

Knew I shouldn’t have tried

To make a snowman!

In the state I’m in,

With my Doctor’s recommendations

Winter could be festive,

Winter should be fun

Not keeling over waiting for the ambulance to come?

I was freezing as a winter boy!

I didn’t even have a favourite toy,

I didn’t even know what winter was.

There was not heat for lack,

Or because, this thing came

Once in a year

And all it promised us was fear

After the stinging heat wave

In the tail end of the summer

Here come the icy cold fingers

When the streets are full of

Holiday shoppers

Hurriedly walking away

Trying to escape from

The cold winter wind!

Clearly the weather is cold!

Will I think to make so bold?

The frost time is so bitter!

The snow lies down like litter

The day-lights are numbered and short!

And the weather cold, with us does sport!!

But then a lone birdie chirps

Flutters across through the darkness

A dog barks,

A child yells;

And as a ray of light punctures

The balloon of thick doomed darkness

Suddenly there are so many jolly human utterances!

Sun rays beam

Past dark clouds

A smiling face in the distance

“Touch is important in the cold!”

Two faces cheek to cheek!

Your breath leaves your body

And you can see it!

But what I hear

Is a winter song

In the crisp white bright sky;

Appearing in the depths of fluffy white clouds

“Rub my eyes!”

Can’t believe what I see

Father winter

With a bottle of winter happiness!

Coming just for me!

Oh what a tonic!!

With some gin of course!

For winter wouldn’t be winter!

Without wind, song and snow!

And happy thoughts!

Winter is at the door now

Hollies and Ivies ever green

Welcome us with ever grin
SASHA: Winter cards!

CHARLIE: Winter games!

SASHA: Winter drinks!

CHARLIE: Winter foods!

SASHA: Winter parties!

CHARLIE: Winter Walks!

Winter in London is a beautiful time of year!

Tall buildings bright shining lights!

The Shard- a space age Christmas Tree without baubles!

The GPO Tower a stalagmite on the frozen ground!

A Time of excitement for children!

People wrapped in fur and wearing mittens!

Skating on the Thames

Whiles the ice thickens

Not the South Pole but Southwark!

You think winter has its drawback?

But there are times when it does not lack

It’s when people can have a happy time!

When the words of the poet can rhyme!

SASHA: Roast Turky!

CHARLIE: Roast potatoes!

GARY: Roast chestnuts!

BRIAN: Boiled sprouts!

SASHA: Boiled Carrots!

CHARLIE: And sizzling crackles!
BRIAN: Seasons spirit everywhere!

SASHA: All are in singings mood!

CHARLIE: Of noisy nights!

GARY: And silent nights!

BRIAN: Of bubbling joys!

SASHA: And Bubbling wine!
GARY: For Winter is coming

 A Merry Winter to you!

And a Happy new year!


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