Jolly Poems for the Month of July

Following poems are on subject that is “Hobby”.


Gary Stevens


Wandering and Wondering in the Garden



Excuse me, I beg your pardondaisydaisy

I would like to tell you

That is a beautiful garden


Thank you, that is kind

Spending time in the garden

Is good for the mind


Pushing your fingers in the mud

Helps circulate your blood

Different names for the flowers

Keeps your busy for hours


You’ll always see’em women’s names

Poppy, Bluebell, Iris, Tulip and Daisy

No men’s names

It’s driving me crazy




Aaron Pilgrim

My Hobby Job


Some artists think of painting as a jobhobby job

I like to think it’s my hobby

And not just a way of making a few bob

If you work in something you enjoy

You never have to work; and boy

That is a good thing indeed!


So take up a hobby

You never know

It might become your job




Charlie Brown

I Like Reading

I like readingbookworm

Be it poetry,

Non-fiction, fiction

Or reading papers



Take in most

Of the information

But some have to read, read

Over and over again,

Never used to be my thing

But now

I can’t think without it!




Sasha Dee

Hobby Horse

When I was littlehobby horse

Li’l as a toddler

My father bought me

A Hobby Horse


It was brown with white mane

And red rein

I liked touch its curls

And hold its bridle


It rocked to and froe

And sitting astride

On it I laughed with joy

And rocking it fast

All clapping around me

And I kicking it with force


Suddenly the horse and I

Slipped together and

The wood of the horse

Hit me on the head

I cried and cried

And never ride


And even after grown up

And had opportunity to ride on the horse

I kept away from the horse riding lessons.








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