July Poets

July Poets

Brian Ring

Sasha Dee

Peter Cox

William Ball

Howard Luke

Charles Browne

Libby Shearon

E.A. Foster

Brian Ring

Brian Ring


I peer round the corner,

And take a quick look at my true love

There she sits pretty as a picture,

And I can only look out  at her

Through the corner of my eye.

I clock her beauteous figure,

And scarcely dare to confront her as my darling love.

You are always in my soul,  my spirit, my anima.

You give me food for love, not food for thought.

I cannot live without you, Lovc,

So much so that I love to distraction,

And only can live for you

If there is no you I need not be

Without you there is no Being at all.

But I a know full well that you are a paraplegic, a cripple,

But I act as your auxiliary nurse cum care worker,

How can I worship half a being ,

But I do so…..

But what does that word actually mean ..’Love’

In this situation,  this context,  this affair?

All is now lost, in confusion.

I am no hero.. she is no.. heroine.

I am not a thaumatourge..nor is she ..one.

I am not a genius.. nor is she a .. genia

Just a pair of disabled doing all the best we can


I’ve been here for ages in this hovel of a cell,

With scarce any company save that of the ‘roaches.

Nothing happens: how can I describe a nothingness?

Even the wardens aka goons aka screws I do not get to see—

As they shove their mucky vitt45 uals under the shutter

I am here because I spoke out for the underdog.

They could not pronounce me mad…for that would require paperwork and a formal tribunal.

So here they shoved me, the desparate prisoner

Who   had desparate pets in spiders and ‘roaches and the like vermin

At least they were company of a kind,

But they took away such food` as there was`.

What am I doing here .anyway,

Waiting for..well.. waiting for.. never.

I can’t even take my own life to end this misery.

Once I did communicate to another convict…but he was taken forth from this place,

And, I believe flown in a plane and dropped.

How can I take my life..the wherewithal is not there.

I haven’t the stomach to do without this muck and starve.

But my duty is clear..it is to live and escape.

Especially when and if this accursed regime is ousted.

What I can do is to move around,

Like dancing and prancing and swirling around

In my arrowed uniform—which I have

Not seen on any collegues here

But there’s scarcely enough space

To describe all the thoughts and emotions in

My head and heart—They can’t take them away from me however great this torture

Brian Ring

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Peter Cox

Peter Cox


Whenever I see you, my heart goes ping,
and then I get the urge to sing.
I’d like to hug you, but just one thing-
my only arm is in a sling.


What can’t be true, you still can say.
Example- I’ve got feet of clay.
And if you said “My lips are sealed”‘
that has to mean they must have healed.

I write concerning Lock-tight Glue.
My lips are sealed- what can I do?
I’ll write a note “Call 999.
Can’t open mouth, am far from fine.”

The hospital may think “The fool-
we send fools home, that is the rule”,
but if by luck I get a bed,
It’s nil by mouth if I get fed.

And would they get my lips unstuck?
I think they would, with any luck.
I’ll watch in future what I do-
use ointment only, never glue.

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William Ball

William Ball

Damaged Door

Got a call its me she cried the door is kicked in and I am afried

Be round in fifteen flew on the bike thru the drizzle

Dark      dark   night

Glad to see you come inside so good you made it

I was so frightened it might have left me half outside

The police were called now we wait  for their approaching footfall

They did not come from their grey station

Will will you stay tonight so I can get some sleep


Honey roasted leg of lamb 39 ZLOTY

Large key for a church

Paper planes

Old man walking with white stick continuously round  the block

Castle on the hill  beggars in the town in darkness and light

Star of David  factory girl

After she left Miss D

Getting the chair you will love me that day

Whatever you lose please don’t  lose yourself

Say ooh la la say oooooh laaa la

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Howard Luke

Howard Luke

Tree of Life

Esoteric discussion climbing the Tree of Life

Reaching for each sphere

Like an ancient mystical Jew

A Lesson in magic and self transformation

Follows me home for a smoke

On the pipe of peace

The American magician Gothically dressed

Except for the soul boy leather jacket

Speaks in paragraphs taken from a grimoire

Gives me the award and a spell for later

Whilst listening to the Chieftains

At dawn we walk in the forest

A laboratory for Druids

A prelude to the Maudsley

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Charles Browne

Coming Soon

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Libby Shearon

Libby Shearon

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Sasha Dee
Sasha Dee

Riders to The Sea

Based on the famous play of the same name by John Millington Synge

Maurya (raising her head and speaking as if she did not see the people around her):

They say they see an eerie banshee

Always wandering around on the sea

Struggling to reach the shore but drowning

Whenever the wretched devil is roaring,

Bartley, be wary, hear, do not go to the seas

A mother’s heart is already torn to pieces

Her five sons, the ogre sea has eaten alive

All my sons, months of care and love I gave

Your father and his father too were wasted

The sea has no heart but just a huge dark hole

A mother’s spirit will not be able to R.I.P.

Cyningdõm day, angels will abandon my soul

(Nora and Cathleen):

Mum they found a cadaver on the seashore actual

Bartley went to sell the horse we’d no victuals

Sara Allgood in the 1938 production of  Riders To The Sea



Posh! Posh! Posh! Posh!

Dash it, dash it

They are all rubbish

Stinking hellish

Not an ounce of posh

Dash it

Port out, starboard home

Oh. I’m all at sea, stormy sea

I’ve lost my way to romantic home

Nor in India where the English roam

Believed that they made a heaven

Of “East is east, West is west

And never the twain will meet”

Posh, Port out, Starboard home

None of them were divine or celestial

The earthly devils lived in their clubs

Bungalows, cantonments earthly hell

They hated Indians they hated each other

Little Englanders, the gods of false Empire

Posh, Port out Starboard home

Oh Adela Quested, Oh Adela Quested

What have you done and let the hell lose

Requested to see the Macabre Marabar caves

Bo-um, Bo-um, Bo-um, Bo-um

Did you desire the dark skinned one? Bo-um

Posh, Posh, Posh

This is a ship of fools

Port Out Starboard Home

Mrs Moor, Mrs Moor

You are on the Port side

You are on the starboard side

You are on the upper deck

You are on the lower deck

You are calling me. Poor me

You are drowning me in the memory

Bo-um, Bo-um, Bo-um, Bo-um

Posh! Port Out, Starboard Home!


Note: A Passage to India has four central themes: 1) the difficulty of friendship between an Englishman and an Indian, 2) the racism and oppression of the British who ruled India, 3) the “muddle” of Indian civilization and psychology, and 4) the unity of all life.

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E.A. Foster


Im a Glossy Magazine…

Perfect lips, beautiful eyes

My figure is contoured

My bosom full and volumtuous in size,

Im a glossy magazine and this is my life.

Skin like porceline,

The arch in my back never fails to draw men in,

Sometimes even women, i get my props from it then,

Bouncy and thick thats my hair when im at it,

“Acres of skin” they say thats a tip.

But hollow is my frame,

Empty in the membrane,

My body i have no shame,

Take it off and my bank balance i shall maintain.

For money can buy a perfect living,

Yatches, speedboats and Canary Islands,

Cosmetic procedures can hide the cracks of life,

yes you can say im a lie,

Because what you dont see is inside i die…

I Love…

I love to love

But you see, am i in love with the love or in love with you?

My internal magnet compells,

My thoughts are never ending trails,

And i exist in this blissfull world,

Of my love for you.

But…am i in love with the love or in love with you?

Its like my heart beats a song that seems life long, to my girlfriends i go on…and on…and on,

About how life is nice in loves paradise and these feelings they just continue to march strong.

Like the changing of the guards it marches round my heart and renews each furlong.

You see this feeling it brings me bliss for your love i will accept an eternal kiss,

But when will i resist you…my love?

You see i love to love, but am i in love with the love or in love with you?

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