Caliban’s Revenge



I know something was going on.
The old man Prospero was
Becoming kinder to me
Very unusual and unlikely for him
But things were happening.
As if eventually there is an end
To my bonded labour.
My bonds were going to breakAnd eventuallyI shall be freeFree at last,free at last free at last

To move freely, breathe freely

Without that wet Ariel creepy,

Spying on me, spitting on me.

Granted I was beastly to himTo Miranda the girl I secretly lovedAnd the old speller abra-ka-dabara   mira-02
They are celebratingMiranda’sLove for that foreigner:Why it is very tragic for me!   mira-01
I’ve got a feeling thatThe old magicianIs going to dosomething unusualFor his last trick!   pors-01
It has to be his last trickI saw him holding his chestGrasping for short breaths

And hiding his feelings

As soon as he hears someone

Coming near to him.

Miranda is a crossed eyed loverAnd absorbed by that horror   mira-03
Ariel is busy buzzing aroundSupervising the nuptial ceremonyThis is my time to do my act   pors-02