Mad Hatter’s June Month 2015

CoolTan Arts had a Mad Hatter’s Month of June. This means it was open day at CoolTan Arts.  There were many art classes open to all who were coming into the premises.

CoolTan Arts has a very posh premises with all the mod cons facilities of the modern times.

In the Gallery a Catch22 art exhibition was opened with many artists participating and displaying their art work on the subject of Cats.  Also poets joined and presented their poems on Cats.

An Interactive theatre group came in and presented their  play called “Taking the Pip”.   This has been reviewed by a guest Reviewer Shenan Chandler.

We are giving her a Guest Review spot at the beginning of this post for the month.  Tell us how you like it. Sasha Dee, Editor.

“Taking the Pip”




Shenan Chandler

13 June 2015



Pindrop Theatre staged a performance called “Taking the Pip” at CoolTan’s Madhatters Day Tea Party Celebration. It was an interesting show based on the experience of its Cast members in the style of Forum Theatre.

The main story is about a young woman named Sam who has a mental health crisis and following that experience tries to apply for PIP (Personal Independent Payment) which is a relatively new disability benefit designed to phase out the Disability Living Allowance.

The play highlights her struggles to get the relevant support to not only complete the assessment form but to get someone to attend with her at the assessment session, conducted by Maximus. This has been the first time she has experienced mental distress that has led to formal intervention and is still emotionally coming to terms with the impact of her breakdown.

Pindrop theatre aims to address mental health discrimination and stigma by engaging the audience in an active fashion by the use of Forum theatre techniques. Audience members were invited to contribute alternative actions or behaviours of cast members that could lead to a more empowering outcome for the main character(s).

CoolTan supporters did not disappoint – there were some very powerful re-enactments of scenes which really made a difference and highlighted issues of accountability. The overall philosophy of the theatre company is to use performing arts to promote social inclusion and I feel that this was met in this show.