October Revolution

Climb Every Mountain



Sam Daniel

Climb Ev’ry Mountain

And he certainly did it

Sitting on the top of the peak

Breathing deeply and looking around

Looking down at the ground

He felt he did very well

Sitting on the top

Was very easy now……







But how long can he sit there?

Without being knocked down

Off his perch of self satisfaction

Of his certainty, of his security,

Of his faith, of his conviction

imageOn the top






Would someone be coming up

Climbing up Ev’ry Mountain

Like him, like him, like him

Who went though all nooks and every corner

Every cricks and cracks, dangerous curves

Treacherous hairpin bends and twists

Falling rocks, slippery slopes

Fallen from the top








Climbing Ev’ry Mountain is a cinch

But staying on the top is a Herculean task

The real fear is the fear it self

The fear of another Alexander


Arms in Arms

Sasha Dee


Arms in Arms-01









Arms in arms

Armed with armies and ammo

With public support

They went into WW1


war to start







When the battle hardly won,

The trenches hardly filled,

And the poppies had time to grow red


They celebrated with hue and cry

“We won, we won, we won!”







With pretended euphoria

They rushed in like fools and came home

Like wild football players

They celebrated in procession

In streets and squares

Bloated about the their winning

And let the hatred grew in losers

Endangering the world peace

By amassing weapons of mass destruction

Piling up nukes and hydrogen and napalms


Soon the WWII and they won again

And then Korean, and followed by Vietnam

And then piled up Afghan and Iraq

Like the rolling waves of the Tsunami

Now there is hardly breathing time

There are explosions big and small

Even in the air, on the railways

On the oceans and on the lands


Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder

Man’s intellect has run out

And we are back to barbarism

For their euphoric, instinctive

Undiplomatic, unwise actions

Clumsy, unapt, wasteful and expensive

Dare and wins we are now become

Dead men walking alive



Words & Politics

Sarah Serra

In the beginning

There was Man

And then the Man found a Word

When he met another man


Between them then they found

Many words

Later on they were construed

As Politics



Life Is A Bath Tub

Howard Luke

3786302891_2884145555_m (1)






Two Schizophrenics laughing at TV

In a ward above the Multitude

In a hospital Everlasting almost near

The beginning.

Turn the tap

At the genesis at the start of the program

They felt dirty

But life is a bath tub

Scrubbing, washing, cleaning

Dosing those memories

Removing all psychosis

Life is a bath tub

Surrounded by candles

Warm at the start

But slowly getting colder

As you get older

Life is a bath tub


Southbank after the WWII

Brian Ring







There is now a new-found road,

Or rather a pathway, for it has

No cars – it has no special name,

But is becoming known as “South Bank”

Which is, so called because

It is now found on the South Side

Of London, England’s River Thames

It has lost the plot in the not

That recent past, when,

Derelict warehouses, slum-like factories,

And general Dickensian decay,

Had spread to make the whole

Place moribund and grotesque,

But look at it now !

See how, having fallen into grief,

It has refound itself and surpassed

Even its erstwhile Elizabethan days

When theatres, gaming houses and taverns,

Lining those places already world-famous

Nowadays to see people in twos or more—

Be they tourist, foreigner, provincial or suburbanite alike,

Promenading, sauntering and cavorting

Along the new south bank-


All the way from St. Thomas’ to Guy’s –two world famous hospitals

Which now have immediate pedestrian access to the river front








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