OutsideIn at Bethlem Gallery, Stratford East

Last so many years “Outside In” an art organisation that has come to be known as the unique organisation that looks for those art and artists who have missed the main stream of the venues make venues for such artists.

Their latest venture is that they have now created Outside the main stream artists an exhibition at the famous Bethlem Gallery.

Their exhibition at this gallery will be from 25 January – 24 March 2016.

Art lovers should not miss this exhbition as it is so satisfying to see something different.

The Title of the Exhibition is

“Let in the Light”

The exhibition title is a reference to

Groucho Marx’ line: ‘Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.’


Artist and Daily Life Ltd’s Artistic Director Bobby Baker says: “I was judged and underestimated when I had mental health problems, but when people see my autobiographical drawings it helps change the way they think about mental health.

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