Overloaded The Film

This great short film is landmark film and becoming a hit short film on the “You Tube”.  Those who had no opportunity to see it now is available at the fingertip. Just click on the following and you will see it.


and also from the Maudsley Hospital as well


This film is made by a group of people who suffer from the issues of mental health.  The film was directed and produced by Ivan Riches.

van Riches

Following is his brief:

Being a disabled filmmaker, having epilepsy, from which I also suffer some bouts of depression, may have helped me equip myself for facilitating and empowering the making of this film. It was a completely open brief, from which a core group of film project participants, based at “Cooltan Arts” in Walworth Road South London, initiated the whole idea for this film from scratch.

My job was to support and direct them through this process.

As a film group/company we made a film about how modern day living in South London affects people’s senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch, thought processes, feelings, memory and sense of space.

A film that shows people’s accounts of mild to severe effects of ‘Overload’, what triggers it, how it affects their lives, how it makes them feel and what they do to cope with it.





The story of child abuse

This was an amazing experience that I am extremely proud of and I will never forget.

The people who made this film were brutally honest, courageous and all became filmmakers in their own right and I feel honoured to have worked with them.

“I am really impressed with the creativity and courage shown by the company that has both shared very personal and difficult memories,


The horrific Childhood game that dominated the adult life

 and learnt important new skills in film making and editing as part of the production process for “Overload”. Make no mistake participants have shown real courage in sharing their personal struggles with overload.  They have done so in order to challenge the stigma attached still to ‘mental illness’,  and to empower others who experience overload to feel they are not alone, and can find a voice through creativity”.

David Savill (Artistic Director, Age Exchange)

‘Overload’ is part of Hearts and Minds, a three year creative arts and reminiscence programme for people who use mental health services in South London. The programme was created by Age Exchange, working in partnership with The South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. Throughout three years of activity Age Exchange is developing projects in creative care, working across Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham and Croydon. www.age-exchange.org.uk <http://www.age-exchange.org.uk>  <http://www.age-exchange.org.uk>

Copyright © Age Exchange and Ivan Riches 2011

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