Two E-Books about the Street Scenes

Two books have been come out about the street scenes in London. These by Datta Gumaste who never walks out without his camera for last five decades in London and everywhere.



He recently collected some of his photographic adventures in two books in E-Book format. E-Books are easy to browse through and appreciate nowadays.

His first book is called “Legs and Feet.” The photographs are taken on the street scenes of the people going about their business or just relaxing in cafes or waiting for their friends or buses etc. These are photographs of the people from hips downwards focusing on legs and feet. Thus the photographer making the body parts seen without being attracted to the faces or upper parts.


The book can be interesting for the artists to concentrate on legs and feet often difficult to draw or paint.

The second book is called Street Scenes in London. When we walk on the streets on the London we usually are not aware how rich are the streets of London with so many activities. It takes a camera to make us realize that streets we had been walking look so different when a person shows us the same street from in the pictures. The camera sees what we miss to look and be aware of it.

To read or look into these books click on the following link

Sasha Dee

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